A Deceitful Coctail of Cancerous Fillers and Empty Promises.

Posted on December 15, 2017

Have you ever wondered if your healthy supplement drink was actually good for you? Did you know that there is an alternative to the popular drink that uses fillers and then claims to have benefit but are actually empty promises. As you consider what alternative there might be we encourage you to -READ THIS FIRST-

There is a certain “Fruit juice” brand that uses a blend of super-fruits, fatty acids, some preservatives, and moderate to high amounts of sugar.
and other “filler” Ingredients commonly added to their products that research now show that may have caused unexpected side effects due to long term consumption.

There is a juice blend drink that has, for many years gone unchallenged, but has had many claims leading people to believe that this “Juice Cocktail” was somehow beneficial for your overall health and wellness. Before you consider purchasing this brand of Açaí-berry juice brand that offers powdered fruit juice and other harmful concentrates, claiming to improve energy, anti-aging, aiding in joint health, claims to increase the immune system, and providing the body with natural nutrients…

AcaVie: A Patented version of acai mixed with freeze dried jacura. It contained 10 times more polyphenois, which are a form of antioxidants.

“There is not enough information to know if Acai is safe” according to Web MD’s findings, however drinking this juice raw has also shown the possibility for causing a disease called


·a·sistrəˌpanəsōˈmīəsəs” any tropical disease caused by trypanosomes and typically transmitted by biting insects, especially sleeping sickness and Chagas’ disease

  • Red Palm oil: Highly saturated fat source that come from the palm tree. It contains amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin E. Due to the high amounts of saturated fat; it may lead to obesity and cardiovascular issues.
  • Cellulose Gum: A thickener and stabilizer added to things like laxatives, detergents and toothpaste. Nature a weekly journal of science found it caused:
  • “low-grade inflammation can promote adiposity and its associated metabolic effects” it showed a possibility for causing serious issues related to inflammation. This can lead to long term health damage if one is not careful,
  • Sodium Benzoate: Preservative added to processed foods. A dangerous side effect in certain amounts producing the active chemical benzene which has been found to: “increased risk of leukemia and other blood cancers” This is according to Live
  • Flaxseed Oil: High fiber seed which also contains omega fatty acids. Not everyone can process this ingredient the same, and high amounts can lead to digestive problems. Harmful studies have also shown that the product can lead to blood clotting issues and pregnancy irregularities.


A small 2 fluid ounce serving size of Pulse brand has 8 grams of sugar. Whether or not acai berries are good for overall health is unknown due to various research studies. There’s not much added to this which can’t be substituted with Whole Foods.

Other commonly added ingredients to the product are Camu, Black Currant, Wolfberry, Citric Acid, Soy Lecithin, Corn Starch, Yumberry and Maqui.


There are a lot of important considerations one should think about before taking the risk and consuming this particular drink brand. This company has countered the full health risks be adding some healthy fruit extracts to these drinks, but it’s very pricy. They have also added preservatives chemicals so there’s no guarantee of purity or safety anymore.

“Be aware that the official company has been out of business since 2015, and has an inactive website. Their product is no longer being made or marketed and they have gone into foreclosure following many lawsuits, but their products are still being sold online by 3rd party retailers, this has made the drink very expensive especially now since the bottles are nearing their expiration dates and sales are not guaranteed to be safe or pure any longer”.

Fortunately a company called Moxiiie has taken on the responsibility of perfecting their juice blend to ensure quality and purity for overall optimum health performance and prosperity.

Moxiiie reengineered their juice beverage blend to a much higher standard of Healthy fruits, antioxidants lowered sugar levels per oz. and added more raw concentrates to ensure eye, joint and circular vascular improvements for people ages 55 and above.

Individuals that have used the Moxiiie drink blend for a 30 day or more period have claimed that the Moxiiie blend has given them natural energy and clarity of the mind causing a more focused regimen in day-to-day tasks and have also noticed a reduction of tiredness after long days of work and or exercise.

For more information about Moxiiie Drink products and other dietary supplements please visit

Article written by D. Roberts
December 8th 2017


Although we are an Optimal Drink Blend Beverage Company we did not partake in the research or writing of this article. We have allowed an independent 3rd party to write an article about the Supplement Juice Industry and provide us with an unbiased opinion. The author of this post has not been provided any samples of our product as of yet. We will make arrangements to send them our product to try and we expect more post to come, also with an unbiased approach. Please share and Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more and TRY MOXIIIE!

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