Together, We're Raising the Bar on Healty and Nutrition!

Moxiiie products were designed by two fathers, Guy Mezger and Mike Sloggett from Dallas, Texas who love their kids very much. Guy is a former world champion martial artist – UFC Champion & a Holistic Health Practitioner with his Phd in Holistic Health and Mike is a long-time product development specialist and nutritional chemist. Both Guy and Michael had children which were struggling with focus and attention issues. The options in traditional medicine were limited. They found that most doctors were were prescribing medicines that either did not work, or were creating side effects worse then the focus/attention issues themselves. They did not want that for their kids. This dilemma sparked a collaboration and the formulation a natural line of products which helps to feed the brain vital nutrients that enhance memory, attention and muscle function. The transformation in their children was nothing short of amazing. We at Moxiiie are extremely excited to share these products with you and your family in hopes that you all may enjoy the incredible benefits as well.

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